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Transposed (2021)

Choreography: Emmalee Hallinan and Katie Phelan

Music: Michael Wall

Costume Design: Emmalee Hallinan and Katie Phelan

Lighting Design: Nicholas Coso

Videography: Nicholas Coso

Editing: Katie Phelan

Dancers: Emmalee Hallinan and Katie Phelan

Faculty Advisor: Stephanie Miracle

This duet was created by Emmalee and Katie through a collaborative process that developed over two semesters with supporting course work in Choreography III and Choreography IV. The research of this piece is centered around suspending and transposing information of body, space, sound, and movement within process. In its first iteration, this work was shown as a site specific, live performance. Emmalee and Katie share this current iteration by way of screendance.


American College Dance Association (2022)


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