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I Needed to Listen, (2020)

“I Needed to Listen” utilizes research conducted in the history of trauma stored in the body. Through the intersection of film and dance, it offers a movement conversation in different experiences of racial trauma and how those might be perceived. This investigation worked with the implicit reactions of its collaborators to define the movement, camera perception, and editorial choices in its completed iteration.


American College Dance Association Screendance Festival (2021)

Opine Dance Film Festival (2021)

FilmFest by Rogue Dancer (2021)

Star City Film Festival (2021)

Concept and Direction: Katie Phelan

Dancers: Kara Bouck & Darrius Gray II 

Edit: Katie Phelan & Trevon J. Coleman

Videography: Trevon J. Colemen

Lighting Design: Trevon J. Coleman

Production Assistant: Auden Lincoln-Vogel

Music: Ramin Roshandel

Faculty Advisment: Eloy Barragan

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