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I am Nobody, International Writing Program Collaboration & Performance, (2021)

Poem by Haifa Abu Al-Nadi

Choreography and Animation by Katie Phelan

Music by Fjodor Music

Voiceover by Liat Graf

As a contribution to the University of Iowa Art  and Social Justice series, this project was made during the longstanding collaboration between the International Writing Program and the UI Department of Dance. As we strive toward ideals of justice and equity, diversity, and radical inclusion, we find ourselves in a precarious moment, pulled simultaneously by hope and trepidation, seeking possibility while recognizing the threats that stand in our way. Within this collaborative process, the poem served as inspiration for embodied movement, execution of choreography, and animation of dancers on screen. Rooted in research of kinesthetic empathy, the virtualized body on screen offers the spectator an understanding of what it is to perform an outline of one's self.


ACDA Screendance Festival - Gala Selected (2022)

AltFF Alternative Film Festival - Semi Finalist (2021)

FROSTBITE International Indie Fest (2021)

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