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Interface of Inscription (2022)

Created with dance movement, digital animation, and projection programming, this work 

demonstrates a cohabitation of dance and digital art. The relationship between physical and digital spaces is developed through choreographic impetus of body and animation.

The process used movement of the body in physical space and digitally transcribed it into animated movement in digital space. A found immergence has opened an opportunity to experience dance and choreography in a mixed reality environment. The choreography, the dancers, the animation all inscribe the environment. What we are left with is the choice to view interdisciplinary performance in a singular environment or this vs. that.

With gratitude to the dancers who have become my collaborators, I am thankful for each of you and your unique contributions to this process. To Elizabeth Shea, Robert Burden, and the Department of Theater, Drama, and Contemporary Dance for the opportunity to continue exploring mixed realities environments. To Will, for supporting my dreams at every turn.

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