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Continuum (2021)

Choreography: Katie Phelan, in collaboration with the dancers

Music: Michael Wall

Costume Design: Katie Phelan

Videography and Editing: Katie Phelan

Dancers: Kara Bouck, Emily Gumal, Katherine Shamdin, Emily Trapnell

Faculty Advisor: Daniel Fine

For this project, I was focused on creating a screendance filmed in one take. Within the rehearsal process, I built choreography for the dancer’s bodies, while simultaneously considering multiple framing options of the camera to capture said movement. These considerations assisted in the development of the camera’s choreography for the work. The process of choreographing the camera's movement influenced, and was influenced by, the body's movement in the frame. This method allowed me to observe the relationships between camera and dancer, while I built a score for the final iteration.


International ScreenDance Festival (2021)


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