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Katie Phelan is a Midwest-based screendance creator, researcher, choreographer, and educator pursuing her Master of Fine Arts in Dance at the University of Iowa. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in dance, a minor in journalism, and a minor in advertising from Oakland University. She holds a 200-hr RYT and 300-hr OHYA certification through 105F in Chicago, IL. Katie is the founder of 16:9 Dance: a ScreenDance Collective. Katie has worked with Eisenhower Dance, Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre, Motus Dance Theatre, Phoenix Rising Dance Company, AscenDance Chicago, and J. Lindsay Brown Dance. Katie's choreographic works have been seen in American Dance Festival Association, NewDANCEFest by Eisenhower Dance, Cultivate by Motus Dance Theatre, and Hope by AscenDance Chicago. Her films have been shown in American Dance Festival Association Screendance Festival, Festival of the Arts, Beijing Dance Academy's Dance Forum, Trifecta Dance Collective's Choreographer Showcase, Spring Grove International Film Festival, Opine Dance Film Festival, and Frostbite International Indie Fest. IG: @kphelanchoreo @16x9dance


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